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Sugar skulls graphic design for Miss Fortune Clothing Miss Fortune, character illustration for Miss Fortune Clothing graphic design illustration - Grease 'n' Glory character design ¦ Day of the Dead character illustration Tiki illustration - Character Design
Miss Fortune is Changing!, Character Illustration Graphic Design, T-shirt Illustration Miss Fortune Clothing - Skull pocket Graphic Design Miss Fortune Clothing, Standing Design
Hot Rod Racer Girl - Graphic Design Pirate Illustration - Miss Fortune Rot 'n' Roll Graphic Design for clothing labe Miss Fortune Clothing - Photo Manipulation - Background added to studio shot. Original shot Miss Rain Photography. Models Zara Ann Ridley & Aisling Grace Flaherty



Peter has worked on a wide variety of projects including branding and logo design, to be used for websites, print and even clothing. We can only show a small selection of these here, so if your project is a little different and you would like to see further examples from the portfolios, why not contact Peter about your design or illustration project?


We can supply you with related examples of work and show you why Peter's clients keep coming back for more.

Any useful sites, blogs or guides that are particularly helpful will be added to the resources section over time.


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